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Dr. Shiva Kintali is the Founder & CEO of EulerChain, True Dat Inc. Before starting True Dat Inc, he taught in the Computer Science department, Princeton University for four years.

He is a frequent public speaker on AI, Blockchain, Cryptography and Game theory and their socio-economic and cultural impact.

His (academic and industry, theoretical and practical) experience spans algorithm design, complexity theory, cryptography, machine learning, blockchain protocols, algorithmic game theory, structural graph theory, natural language processing, information retrieval, high-performance computing, compiler design and large-scale graph algorithms. He is researching Blockchain protocols (scalability, stability and privacy) since 2012.

He received his PhD in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, Masters in Computer Science from University of Southern California and B-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

He is the author of Cryptics, an adventure novel aimed at teaching cryptography, in a fun and exciting way.

Research Interests

  • Cryptography
               - Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain protocols.
               - One-way functions, Zero-Knowledge proofs.
  • Game Theory, Computational Complexity
               - Derandomization, Space bounded computation.
               - Complexity aspects of games, equilibrium and fixed points.
  • Machine Learning
               - Deep learning, GANs, Distributed machine learning, Big data analytics.
               - Information retrieval, Natural language processing, Text summarization.
  • Structural Graph theory
               - Treewidth, Minors, Digraph width parameters.
               - Matching, Pfaffians, Graceful labeling.
  • About True Dat Inc.

    Any democracy is impossible without (i) freedom of speech (ii) privacy & (ii) a common understanding of what is true & what is false. Our mission is to enable a decentralized, uncensorable freedom of speech for all global citizens while simultaneously preserving human privacy & preventing misinformation, fraud & corruption. We achieved these seemingly impossible & contradictory goals by developing an unstoppable blockchain protocol & building web 3.0 platforms & apps (on top of our blockchain protocol) using deep learning algorithms & privacy-preserving zero-knowledge proofs.

    EulerChain is a third generation super-fast layer 1 blockchain protocol with ASIC-resistant mining, privacy preserving transactions, super fast block finality, processing 20,000 tps with low probability of forks & very low transaction fees without compromising the security & decentralization of the network.

    Freebits is a decentralized, permissionless, immutable, uncensorable online social network, globally accessible to everyone with an internet connection. It is built on top of the EulerChain protocol.

    True Dat platform is a Truth Machine built on top of the EulerChain protocol. We are creating the world’s largest community of organizations, universities, professionals, photographers, photojournalists, news organizations & media companies creating, sharing, issuing & receiving provably real, tamper-evident & one-click verifiable digital credentials, achievements, badges, photos & videos on True Dat platform. Our mission is to eliminate misinformation, fraud & corruption by simplifying the flow of trust & truth in the digital world.

    True Dat iOS app lets anyone shoot & share verifiable & tamper-evident photos & videos. Our built-in EulerChain APIs provide a one-click verifiable certificate to prove that they are not fake or photoshopped or deepfaked.

    Selected Publications in Game Theory, Complexity Theory, Routing Protocols
    1. Shiva Kintali,  Laura J. Poplawski,  Rajmohan Rajaraman,  Ravi Sundaram,  Shang-Hua Teng
      Reducibility Among Fractional Stability Problems    [full version pdf, FOCS version, SICOMP Journal Version ]
      Journal version is published in SIAM Journal on Computing. 2013, 42(6), pages 2063–2113
      In Proceedings of 50th FOCS. 2009. Atlanta, Georgia.
      Keywords: Game Theory, Nash Equilibrium, Fixed Points, Routing Protocols.

    2. Shiva Kintali.
      SCARF is PPAD-complete    [pdf]
      Keywords: Game Theory, Nash Equilibrium, Fixed Points, Routing Protocols.

    3. Shiva Kintali.
      A Distributed Protocol for Fractional Stable Paths Problem    [pdf]
      In Proceedings of the DIMACS/DyDAn Workshop on Secure Internet Routing, Rutgers University, March 24-26, 2008
      Georgia Tech, College of Computing Technical Report GT-CS-08-06
      Keywords: Game Theory, Nash Equilibrium, Fixed Points, Routing Protocols.

    4. Shiva Kintali.
      Realizable Paths and the NL vs L Problem    [pdf]
      Keywords: Complexity Theory, Space Complexity.

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